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Hi! My name is Elizabeth Jackson and I’m The Projects Angel. As your Intuitive Strategist and Assistant, I can deliver:

❂ messages from your Business Angels, 

❂ support to help you grow your sacred business.

Why am I different?

❂ I’m intuitive + have ‘hands-on’ experience.

❂ Not only can I help you strategize (as a business coach perhaps would), but I can help you put your plans into action.

I could be the right gal for you if this sounds familiar:

  • You have a spirit-led business up and running or ready to go.
  • You don’t enjoy doing social media or have the time for it.
  • You’d like to rebrand but aren’t sure what direction to take or what needs doing.
  • You’re not 100% happy with your website.
  • Sometimes you sit down at the computer and don’t know where to start.
  • You know deep down that you would benefit from handing over some of your work to an assistant, but are concerned that (a) the work won’t be done to your standards and (b) explaining what you want would take too long.

Work with me. I’m Intuitive + I’ve got your back.



“You’re the best VA on the planet! I can’t emphasize enough how important your help is to me!”

Charlotte Rains Dixon, Author & Writing Teacher. (US)

Headshot Amy“Having just one Intuitive Guidance Session with Elizabeth was VERY enlightening! I already had a strong idea who my clientele was, but my issue was finding them. I couldn’t find them anywhere and it was very frustrating since I’ve trained for years and have a tool belt full of ways to help them.
With the assistance of Elizabeth’s intuition and strategic thinking, I went on to find that my tribe actually ‘hide in plain sight’ because they don’t let anyone know how deeply exhausted, sad, angry, and fatigued they really are.
A few days after the session, I went to some of the locations where my people spend time with my new marketing material and my pitch freshly polished, and voila, there they were!
To all of you who are thinking of having a session with Elizabeth, for me, it was worth every single last penny.
Thanks a million Elizabeth. ”

Amy Lundberg, Energy Medicine Practitioner & Health Coach. (US)

If you are looking for a VA to:

  • Organize a telesummit, webinar or ecourse
  • Set up a sales funnel
  • Manage list-building events or
  • Coordinate a product launch, a JVG, or affiliate programs,

please contact someone who specializes in these. These are not my speciality.

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