Hi. My name is Elizabeth Jackson and I work with spirited entrepreneurs, teachers and leaders to create simple, affordable and grounded businesses that don’t drain them energetically or financially and leave a positive legacy for the future.

Why am I different?

  • My method is to create businesses that are simple, easy to run and grow with you.
  • I know the spiritual entrepreneur niche inside-out and all the different business models.
  • I talk your language because I’m a Business Angel Communicator and Energy Reader + Clearer.
  • I help you come up with ideas and help you put these into action.

If this sounds familiar:

  • You have a spirit-led business and feel like you’re going round in circles,
  • You’ve never really ‘got’ social media or find it ‘icky’,
  • You’re not happy with your website,
  • You spend a lot of time in Facebook networking, but don’t seem to get anywhere,
  • You’re seeking help in your business but can’t quite put your finger on where to start,

then let me help you simplify the brain work and the leg work, so you can get on with the soul work…Email me.


If you are looking for added insight into your business or really “anything”, ask Elizabeth and her “angels”. It is a joyful, surprising and fun experience to discuss and brainstorm various ideas and have added insight into any area of business. Elizabeth also volunteers keen observations of her own based on extensive knowledge of the current energy and trends. I would not hesitate to refer my clients for a consultation “chat” with Elizabeth.

Dr. Kimberly McGeorge, ND, CNH, Frequency Master. secrettoeverything.com (US)


Headshot Amy“Having just one Intuitive Guidance Session with Elizabeth was VERY enlightening! I already had a strong idea who my clientele was, but my issue was finding them. I couldn’t find them anywhere and it was very frustrating since I’ve trained for years and have a tool belt full of ways to help them.
With the assistance of Elizabeth’s intuition and strategic thinking, I went on to find that my tribe actually ‘hide in plain sight’ because they don’t let anyone know how deeply exhausted, sad, angry, and fatigued they really are.
A few days after the session, I went to some of the locations where my people spend time with my new marketing material and my pitch freshly polished, and voila, there they were!
To all of you who are thinking of having a session with Beth, for me, it was worth every single last penny.
Thanks a million Elizabeth. ”

Amy Lundberg, Energy Medicine Practitioner & Health Coach. aimforfitness.com (US)


angel readingElizabeth replied immediately to my contact request, emailing and calling straight away. She shared a lot of in-depth knowledge of the spiritual entrepreneur sector, which helped clarify my options. In my Intuitive Guidance Session Elizabeth provided her own spiritual insight to guide my investment, marketing, and content choices for my work, and she kindly followed up the session with some useful web resources. I came away with a better awareness of how to reach the people who can benefit from my Inner Wellness sessions. Elizabeth is one of those rare people who combine their marketing knowledge with deeper intuitive and spiritual guidance, which is what this world needs. As I teach in my work, without spiritual insight we can lose our way when making practical choices!

Thanks Elizabeth!

 Leigh Tremaine, Author, Speaker, and Inner Wellness Consultant. leightremaine.com UK

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