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Elizabeth Jackson. The Projects Angel

I’m a Swiss-army-style VA, a tireless and tenacious problem solver, and I love working with spiritual entrepreneurs.

What’s more, I’m an empath, energy healer, and Angel communicator, so I get sensitives (woo-woo base covered) aaaand I’ve got heaps of right-brain analytical geekery, down-to-earth vibes, and know-how.

I could be the right VA for you if this sounds like you:

  • You have a beautiful spiritual business or venture up and running or ready to go and are very excited!
  •  You can’t decide whether to hire a business coach or a VA to put some wind in your sails.
  • You’re bombarded with magic bullets for success from all side and it makes you feel icky!
  • You’ve managed on the technical side of things so far, but there’s just some stuff that you don’t like or ‘get’.
  • You have a love-hate relationship with social media and at times it seems to be unfathomable! I mean, what’s the point? (I can tell you!).
  • You’re wondering about your niche, whether to rebrand or just stay the course,
  • Your website is a bit sprawling and you hover between taking it down altogether or persevering with your WordPress theme.
  • You’re concerned about website safety and really don’t understand all the webmastering geekery!
  • Sometimes you just wish that someone would hire you and do all the marketing leg work and support you on tough days!
  • You’d like to work with someone who has got your back.

 If this sounds a bit like you, pop on the phone and let’s have a chat! . 

BONUS➳Whether you love me or hate me after the call and we ‘jive’, I bet I’ll be able to give you some juicy tips on how to grow your business.



“You’re the best VA on the planet! I can’t emphasize enough how important your help is to me!”

Charlotte Rains Dixon, Author & Writing Teacher. (US)

If you are looking for a VA to:

  • Organize a telesummit, webinar or ecourse
  • Set up a sales funnel
  • Manage list-building events
  • Coordinate a product launch, a JVG, or affiliate programs or
  • Do a small one-off project

Please contact someone who specializes in these. I work with spiritual entrepreneur startups and the ROI on these isn’t worth the cost if you’re hiring out for the first time. These initiatives will help you build cred + your list, but are a ‘long play’. Also, if you don’t know the ins and the outs of the work involved, it’s better to roll your sleeves up and learn so that you can hire out (like a boss lady) next time!

If you’re not quite ready to work with a VA but have me lined up as your potential candidate, subscribe to my Inner Circle where you’ll  get access to my fabulous Resources Hub and come and hang out with some fab Inspired Spiritpreneurs in our Facebook Group.

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