Welcome to my online home. You are now entering a guru-free zone.

Hi there! I’m Elizabeth Jackson, The Projects Angel, and my mission is to help and empower spiritual entrepreneurs to create (or recreate) a simple, affordable, grounded business that doesn’t drain them energetically or financially.

Did you know that most spiritual entrepreneurs never turn a profit and end up spending until the coffers run dry? Super mega yikes, right? This is because the spiritual business sector can be a tough nut to crack.

And no, I’m not saying this because I’ve got ‘money blocks’, or I don’t know how to manifest using law of attraction marketing, or I’ve got past-life issues.

However, plenty of people will contradict my perspective. The main challenge for most spiritual entrepreneurs is finding clients, or lead generation, using its technical name. There are dozens of different techniques you can use and it’s often a case of trial and error to find the one that works for you. And, while you’re trying each one, there’s always someone offering quick-fix solutions, guaranteeing out-of-this-world results at premium prices. And so it’s easy to run out of funds and into debt.

Here’s the thing: you do not need to throw money at finding clients.

I don’t work that way. I use simple (free or almost free) tools and strategies to make progress and solve problems. I work on a per-project basis so you always know how much you’re going to spend.

If you are starting out as a spiritual entrepreneur, or ready to start afresh with a new perspective, I can help you with:


I support you in helping you strategize to find possible. solutions to your most pressing problems.


I create super simple websites that are easy to use and affordable.
I have a secret system that nobody else promotes to create fabulous, safe and low-cost websites.

Social Media

I can show you how to do an affordable “set-and-forget” social media system that will save you so much time but make your posts pop!

My Story

I hail from a green and rainy hamlet nestled in the Pennine hills (UK) and am a true northern gal’ (down to earth, straight talking + cheeky). After uni, I negotiated ginormous contracts on a minuscule paradisaical island off the coast of Africa for Europe’s leading tour operator. And hated it!

There I met my Swarthy Spaniard (my then neighbor) and we moved to his home town in mainland Spain.With my newly acquired language skills (I’m bilingual), I got a post-grad in Spanish translation and became a university lecturer, and a mum.

While freelancing as a translator, I turned my fascination for all things spiritual and online geekery into Projects Angel.

Welcome 1

So, what’s the answer to building a spiritual business the stress-free way? 

What doesn’t work:

  • Throwing money at “problems”.
  • Thinking that the only way to be a lightworker is as a spiritual or holistic entrepreneur.
  • Getting into debt to build your dream business.
  • Spending money on a coach who “drip-feeds” you ideas to keep you coming back for more.
  • Spending $XXXX on yet another new website that promises to bring people in droves.
  • Replying solely on your intuition and flow (the other senses are there for a reason too).
  • Playing “Follow The Leader” in Facebook Groups to garner popularity of self-acclaimed “successful six-figure” or “top-ticket” spiritual entrepreneurs.
  • Investing in a VA on an ongoing basis before you’ve turned a profit.
  • Giving up your day job before you’re ready.
  • Waiting around for someone to “discover” you and manage all the business side of things.
  • Getting stressed out because everyone else “claims” to be making 6 figures while you feel like you’re still figuring out the basics after years.

What works:

  • Taking time to think your options through and research different lead-generation strategies.
  • Getting organized with a kick-ass business plan.
  • Working out your strengths and playing to them.
  • Finding a team of people who support and encourage you rather than tell you what to do.
  • Setting yourself realistic goals.
  • Scaling up your business gradually rather than a massive one-off high-ticket investment that promises the earth, moon and stars.
  • Trial and error, using your own intuition to guide you.
  • Learning the basics of tech to empower yourself.
  • Getting rid of the infoglut and daily bombardment of the latest… whatever.
  • Getting out from behind that computer and shining your light everywhere you go.
  • AND… unleashing your own entrepreneurial spirit and gumption!

 Because the only thing that spiritual entrepreneurs need is some entrepreneurial spirit!

– Elizabeth Jackson. The Projects Angel.

And, if you want a nudge in the right direction, some clarity, or just some moral support, this is where I can come in…

Your options:

Option 1

Strategy sessions
€97 / hour

Book a strategy session in which we can talk about your most pressing challenge. Or you can talk to be about your business in general and we can brainstorm.

Option 2

Virtual Assistance
€49 / hour

If we are a good fit, you can hire me in packages of 5-10-20 hours and I can do virtual assistant work for you.
Please check which services I offer.


Welcome 2
Dr. Kimberly McGeorge, ND, CNH, Frequency Master. SecretToEverything.com (US)

“If you are looking for added insight into your business or really “anything”, ask Elizabeth and her intuition. It is a joyful, surprising and fun experience to discuss and brainstorm various ideas and have added insight into any area of business. Elizabeth also volunteers keen observations of her own based on extensive knowledge of the current energy and trends. I would not hesitate to refer my clients for a consultation chat with Elizabeth.”

Welcome 3
Amy Lundberg, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Health Coach. AimForFitness.com (US)

Having just one Strategy Session with Elizabeth was VERY enlightening! I already had a strong idea who my clientele was, but my issue was finding them. I couldn’t find them anywhere and it was very frustrating since I’ve trained for years and have a tool belt full of ways to help them. With the assistance of Elizabeth’s intuition and strategic thinking, I went on to find that my tribe actually ‘hide in plain sight’ because they don’t let anyone know how deeply exhausted, sad, angry, and fatigued they really are. A few days after the session, I went to some of the locations where my people spend time with my new marketing material and my pitch freshly polished, and voila, there they were! To all of you who are thinking of having a session with Elizabeth, for me, it was worth every single last penny. Thanks a million Elizabeth. “

Welcome 4
 Leigh Tremaine, Author, Speaker, and Inner Wellness Consultant. LeighTremaine.com (UK)

Elizabeth replied immediately to my contact request, emailing and calling straight away. She shared a lot of in-depth knowledge of the spiritual entrepreneur sector, which helped clarify my options. In my Intuitive Guidance Session Elizabeth provided her own spiritual insight to guide my investment, marketing, and content choices for my work, and she kindly followed up the session with some useful web resources. I came away with a better awareness of how to reach the people who can benefit from my Inner Wellness sessions. Elizabeth is one of those rare people who combine their marketing knowledge with deeper intuitive and spiritual guidance, which is what this world needs. As I teach in my work, without spiritual insight we can lose our way when making practical choices! Thanks Elizabeth!