📜My Manifesto

✅The only thing that spiritual entrepreneurs really need is entrepreneurial spirit.

✅ Entrepreneurial spirit is a DIY job. It can’t be purchased. Only you can access that via your OWN intuition.

✅Spiritual entrepreneurs can build a professional business from the bottom up using free or very low-cost tools.

✅You grow a business by focussing on one lead-generation technique at a time.

✅ Most people don’t realize that they don’t need a permanent VA; robots can now do a lot of the “leg work”, and I know the simplest and cheapest ones to use.

✅ Many spiritual entrepreneurs overwhelmed and bombarded with “quick fixes” and claims that serve only to distort their perception of the market and strategies.

✅ My mantra is “if it’s not simple (and preferably free), it’s not a solution”.

I believe in growing a business the following way:

1. Simplifying your business and getting robots to do a lot of work for you. For free.

2. Clearing up your “infoglut”.

3. Playing to your strengths.

4. Not getting into debt, or further into debt.

5. Getting a clear, undistorted vision of the market

6. Following YOUR own intuition.

7. Having patience and determination..

That’s when the magic starts to happen.