📜My Manifesto

✅The only thing that spiritual entrepreneurs really need is entrepreneurial spirit.

✅ Entrepreneurial spirit is a DIY job. It can’t be purchased. Only you can access that via your OWN intuition.

✅Spiritual entrepreneurs can build a professional business from the bottom up using free or very low-cost tools.… Read more

💲Why you are massively underestimating the value of your spiritual business. Even if you have no clients right now.

How much is the net worth of your spiritual business?

I think of how spiritual entrepreneurs work on so many levels: healing others, healing themselves,  healing the planet, being beacons of light for others…the list goes on.

So if you’re frustrated about not ‘making 6 figures’, or having getting that book deal, or being invited to participate in lots of big teleseminars, I’d invite you to think about the total impact of your work ON ALL LEVELS.

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Storytelling Made Simple For Spiritual Entrepreneurs


Storytelling has always been around in business. The early online entrepreneurs I’ve looked at all have a ‘rags to riches’ story.  It just wasn’t called something as yummy as ‘storytelling’ at the time, though.

So what’s changed? I think it’s that with Social Media Marketing,  Neuroscience Marketing and the fact that Sole Proprietor Entrepreneurs have now become a mass market for infoproducts, it’s exploded. … Read more