The Projects Angel Manifesto for Spiritual Entrepreneurs 1

The Projects Angel Manifesto for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

The only thing that spiritual entrepreneurs really need is entrepreneurial spirit.

Entrepreneurial spirit is a DIY job. It can’t be purchased. Only you can access that via your OWN intuition.

Spiritual entrepreneurs can build a professional business from the bottom up using free or very low-cost tools.

You grow a business by focusing on one lead-generation technique at a time.

Most people don’t realize that they don’t need a permanent VA; robots can now do a lot of the “leg work”, and I know the simplest and cheapest ones to use.

Many spiritual entrepreneurs overwhelmed and bombarded with “quick fixes” and claims that serve only to distort their perception of the market and strategies.

My mantra is “if it’s not simple (and preferably free), it’s not a solution”.

I believe in growing a business the following way:

1. Simplifying your business and getting robots to do a lot of work for you. For free.

2. Clearing up your “infoglut”.

3. Playing to your strengths.

4. Not getting into debt, or further into debt.

5. Getting a clear, undistorted vision of the market

6. Following YOUR own intuition.

7. Having patience and determination..

That’s when the magic starts to happen.



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