How Spiritual Entrepreneurs Can Save Thousands On Social Media Marketing and Hiring a VA 1

How Spiritual Entrepreneurs Can Save Thousands On Social Media Marketing and Hiring a VA

I’ve just deleted a post I had here on my blog called ‘Social Media For Spiritual Entrepreneurs: A Clarion Call To The Universe’. Yes, it sounded appealing, people were reading it. But it doesn’t reflect my knowledge or skills now.

It is really easy and very expensive to do Social Media Marketing ineffectively.
There are lots of companies willing to sell you “solutions” that I’m not sure are actually worth much at all.

I’m now using the term ‘Social Media Marketing’, not ‘Social Media’, because its description and energy is much more accurate.

When I started helping my first client with social media, I took over the system put in place by her former virtual assistant. The following year, my client changed her technique and posted on a different topic every month. After that, I would say that I spent around two and a half years feeling really like I just wasn’t ‘getting’ social media and that I needed to post more and in more places. I was in a ‘constant flux’ of following someone’s advice and then someone else’s….

That sounds like a lot of time, but, you see, social media marketing is very opaque, and a lot of people make a lot of money selling infoproducts, templates and courses on how to do certain things on it. And….there’s the added bonus that Social Media Marketing is constantly changing. I’ve found very few people, no that’s a lie, I’ve not found anyone, who was able to explain Social Media Marketing in a way that I was able to grasp what it is and how it can be used to help a spiritual business.

Social Media Marketing is difficult to understand since there are lots of companies claiming different wonderful results and promoting myriad strategies.

It is highly highly likely you will not ‘go big’ or ‘go global’ using just Social Media Marketing as a spiritual practitioner.

Even if you invest thousands in paid advertising, the leads you get will be relatively ‘cold’ in comparison to other lead-generation techniques.

It is really easy to waste time and money on Social Media Marketing. On this note, I regularly get clients coming to me for help on their social media. And I could pretty easily sell them $500/month packages, but I don’t.  Because often, their ideas on what Social Media Marketing can do for them is erroneous.

Hiring a VA to do your social media is not a ‘panacea’ to bring in clients. That is your job.

Your social media is like a beacon emitting your frequency. It stands tall and shows people who you are.

There is a high attrition rate of businesses in the spiritual entrepreneur niche. So, if you leave your profiles dormant, it looks like you’ve gone out of business.

Schedules are not optional, but neither do they have to be complex. I create schedules that are so easy you can remember them.

If your lead-generation strategy is to cross-sell to other spiritual entrepreneurs in Facebook groups, then I suggest you have a strategy rethink.

You do not have to be everywhere all over social media. Regular posting, however, on certain platforms, shows your business has a pulse and builds your brand.

Optimizing post types and times is smart. It takes a little bit of analysis. But once you’ve got it, you’re good.

Regardless of what people say, numbers matter. If you have 124 followers on Twitter, it doesn’t look good.

I’m not a massive believer in law of attraction marketing. Yes, sometimes people just magically find you through synchronicities, but it also has a synonym in 75% of cases: referrals and being in alignment with your business. So just setting up shop on social media is not going to be the final piece in the jigsaw that aligns the stars to bring in your clients in droves.

I’m sorry if I’m the bearer of bad news. You can use your own discernment to decide whether what I’ve written is true for you, or not. I actually love social media, and I’m good at it. I’ve made some brilliant connections and friends there and I use it regularly to promote my business and network. And my social media works for me.

So, if you want someone to help you set up a simple and affordable self-organizing social media strategy and schedule, let’s chat.  I can probably save you thousands of dollars.

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