Telesummits Made Super Simple for Spiritual Entrepreneurs 1

Telesummits Made Super Simple for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Recently a client contacted asking, “What is a Telesummit. And how do I do one?” 

Good question! So for any other budding telesummit hosters out there, here’s an outline of what hosting a joint venture telesummit involves.

Telesummits are the du jour inbound marketing tool. And yes, they’re hugely popular with spiritual and holistic entrepreneurs wanting to synergize, energize, globalize and osmosize their businesses. Okay, so I completely verbed a noun there. Who cares!

Take a look at the  Summit Hay Hourse World Summit.

So…..What Exactly is a Telesummit?

A joint venture (JV) where the host partners up with guests to provide audio or audio visual content on a certain theme. Participants in the telesummit join the host’s mailing list and get the chance to gain access to lots of freebies and special offers from guests, thus signing up to their respective lists. It’s an online fest of sharing stuff and finding new peeps.

In a Nutstell, why Host, rather than Participate?

As host or hostess, you really are the one “with the mostest”: you organize the telesummit and get to decide every single little detail of what it will be and how it will show up in the world.

Your speakers (your JV partners) promote the event to their lists, and, you’ll receive all the email addresses of people wanting to access the telesummit content. Moreoever, as host, you can sell the content during / after the event has been and gone.

If you are lucky enough to get invited to be a speaker to a telesummit, you get to showcase yourself in front of the entire audience and offer them a tasty freebie, which, if they sign-up for, will add them to your mailing list.

Here’s a rough outline of the work involved in hosting a telesummit:

The Brain Work:

  • Naming & niching your telesummit with an over-arching theme.
  • Deciding how long you want to run it for:  3 days, 5 days, 1 week…
  • Are you going to wing it live (thus enabling free Q&As) or pre-record?
  • Who do you want as guests? What are your requirements & criteria?
  • Are you going to fly solo, or are you going to pair with someone else to host and spread the workload?
  • What products & services are you going to upsell after the event?

The Geeky Stuff:

  • Contracting web hosting and create a website
  • Purchasing opt-in page technology
  • Contracting a mailing list provider
  • Purchasing a shopping cart plugin
  • Organizing copywriting of opt in page, thank you page, and automated emails to be sent before and after the event. Set up these pages along with your bio and FAQs
  • Creating guest promo packs with visuals and recommended promo schedule & requirements.
  • Working on your site page, including imagery, topic descriptions, broadcast dates.
  • Purchasing an affiliates plugin
  • Setting up a FB Events Page
  • Setting up a FB Events Group

The Leg Work:

  • Deciding whether you’re going to ask speakers to sign a contract or give them guidelines….
  • Sorting out your timeline.
  • Creating a document outlining the event and participant requirements.
  • Reaching out to potential speakers with your proposal, also detailing your requirements & criteria.
  • If they accept, sample the freebies they offer for list building.
  • Sending confirmed speakers a list of questions they would like to be asked, asking for bios, and headshots.
  • Sending them promo packs including memes, copy and schedules.
  • Coordinating final interview times, and schedule the calls.
  • Crafting interview questions, during each interview, remind listeners of any upsells and the following call.
  • Deciding which telesummit platform to use, and whether it will be visual, or just audio.
  • Holding the interviews.
  • Editing, if necessary.
  • Transcribing the interviews (if you feel so inclined).

On the Day…

  • Ensuring there is a manned help desk with email support.

After the Event

  • Repurposing the material for sale and use elsewhere.
  • Changing the website home page and set up the replay links.
  •  Sending upsell emails offering special discounts and bonuses to access to the entire series and related products.

If you want more in-depth information and a series of checklists on how to host telesummits and other online events, I highly recommend this amazing resource packed with DIY systems for telesummits and much more.

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