How I Work

Working hours

  • I take client calls at the weekends.
  • I reply to emails in the evenings (which is the morning in the US)
  • All Strategy Sessions are on the weekend.

Services provided

  • I will go the extra mile to make you happy and respond to emails promptly.
  • I provide the Virtual Assistance tasks as per listed. If you require work outside of these areas, please contact me to see if this is possible.
  • Refunds will not be made for payments made for work that is not within my scope.
  • My usual form of ongoing communication with clients is by email. I try my best to reply to all emails within 24 hours, usually sooner.
  • Any time spent on Zoom calls and emails is included in the Virtual Assistance package time.
  • I do not send several emails during one day, instead I send one email with several bullet points when we are working on different business areas and I ask my clients to do the same.

Tasks and Deadlines

  • I don’t refund for missed deadlines or human error, but to do everything possible to ensure this does not occur. All work is agreed in writing.
  • Although I respect that everyone has their own way of working, I do not use project management apps, but am happy to set up a Google calendar specific to each client and separate project sheets shared online via Google Docs.


  • I take your confidentiality very seriously – all passwords are encrypted via Lastpass.
  • I use an antivirus on my computer and I use Google Drive Business to back up all work documents.

Sick Leave

  • If I get so sick I am unable to work, I will advise you at the earliest possible opportunity and email will be checked at least once a day.
  • I will catch up on uncompleted work once well.


  • I outsource some work to trusted freelancers who I personally vet.
  • All outsourced work is checked by me for quality.

Guarantees for work

  • Work is delivered on a trust and best-effort basis.
  • After successful delivery of work whose ongoing functioning depends on on 3rd parties, such as website theme developers, plugin developers, my work is deemed as complete.


  • My clients take full responsibility for their own decisions made as a result of my suggestions, ideas or product recommendations.

Applicable Law.

  • As I am resident in Spain, so, my partnership agreements are governed by Spanish law.