Testimonials 1
Susan Harrow, CEO of PrSecrets.com, Media Coach; Author of “Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul” (US)

Elizabeth is a Pixie and has a light and energizing presence that sets you at ease instantly. I found the session helpful to better determine what exactly to offer for my new mentorship course which had stumped me. Elizabeth guided me expertly to ask the right questions to get the outcome I needed. Thank you! I now know what I need to do thanks to your direction.”

Testimonials 2
Rev. Anne PresuelYour 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business. DivinelyIntuitiveBusiness.com (US).

Elizabeth, you are amazing!  You think of ways to do things, organize them and create structure that never occurred to me.  You strategize and bring together ideas and concepts that I’ve struggled with.  I am in awe at how much simpler you have made my life. You are generous with your suggestions, intuitive (very important to me!) with your understanding of my concerns, and quick to offer easy, digestible solutions. I love working with you and I am absolutely thrilled to have you be a part of my Divine team.  You make my life so much more SANE! Thank you so much! Divine hugs to you.”

Testimonials 3
Shannon Walbran,  South Africa’s Top Psychic. ShannonWalbran.com(South Africa).

Elizabeth lives up to her name as Projects Angel! She uses her quick mind and excellent linguistic skills to develop content, keep my social media fresh and appealing, create new products and services, and so much more. I love brainstorming with her. Working with Elizabeth is like taking vitamins: my business gets stronger, and she fills in all the gaps.”

Testimonials 4
Shana Lee Gibson, Psychic Medium. 
Shanaleegibson.ca (Canada).

Elizabeth is an asset to my business! She intuits the changes needed and delivers them quickly. Not to mention she’s business savvy and tenacious. My business has streamlined thanks to Elizabeth’s help.  I highly recommend her for all of your VA work!

Testimonials 5
Nick Humphries, International Medium, Healer. Nick-Humphries.com (UK).

I have nothing but thanks and good things to say about Elizabeth, the Projects Angel. She listens and acts on what you want, with a creative twist of her own to make things work better. I highly recommend her if you need someone to be a silent member of your team or just need that extra help with a project. 10/10.”

Testimonials 6
Marisa Ferrera, Relationship Coach MagnifyYourMagnificence.com  (Colombia)

Thank you so much Elizabeth for the Intuitive Guidance Session. The messages that came through you were exactly what I needed to hear. Not only did I hear the messages, it’s the first time I’ve had a session with someone when I could actually feel the energy shifting within me. This gave me reassurance and validation that I am on track and provided me with more clarity regarding my next steps. My feelings of overwhelm and confusion are gone and I feel much more peaceful and focused.”

Testimonials 7
Charlotte Rains Dixon, Author, Writing Teacher, Retreat Facilitator. www.CharlotteRainsDixon.com (US)

Elizabeth has changed my life.  I’m serious.  Having her to handle all the things that take me forever has freed me up to do what I do best: put words on the page and help others to do the same.  Every time I email Elizabeth I tell her how grateful I am for her! She not only does everything I ask her to do promptly and efficiently, but always goes an extra mile for me.  Best of all, she totally gets me and my business.  I highly recommend her services!”

Testimonials 8
Nat &Tip.  ApartmentDiet.com  (The Netherlands)

Elizabeth is an extremely competent, trustworthy Projects Manager and a warm and generous cheerleader. She really felt a part of the team from the start and her contributions to getting our business organised was significant.  We would happily recommend her to sprinkle a bit of her magic fairy dust on your business too.”

Testimonials 9
Dr Stacey Hobin. Wholeness Navigator. GreenSourceGuidance.com (UK)

During the Intuitive Guidance Session, I felt the tunnel of light that was created around me; I was safe within a cosmic cuddle. The questions just came as we spoke, the answers were as I would expect. Perfect. Every word from Elizabeth resonated. The answers have given me total clarity about my current situation, they have allowed me to trust myself even deeper. The answers were they were extremely specific, giving detail of what I could do practically. Elizabeth’s communication with the angelic realms was so pure I felt like the angels were directly reaching out to me. Even the day after I had a lasting feeling of being closer in alignment with their brilliance, feeling bathed in their guidance and love. I will not hesitate to turn to Elizabeth in the future if I want clarification on my path, she is a beautiful spirit to know.”

Testimonials 10
Jenny Slater, Heart-Healing Retreats, Events, and Thriving in Nature LaForetDesEtoiles.com (France)

“During our session, Elizabeth gave me so much helpful information, sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience. As my business is just starting out, she recommended options for me to follow up. She quickly followed up the next day by email and a personal call with more suggestions. Thanks Elizabeth. When the time comes for brand marketing, I’ll be in touch.”