“Angels come in many forms. If you are waiting for the white winged, fluffy, newly laundered ones, you might miss the kick-ass muddy angels who literally move things along in useful ways.”

Clarissa Pinkola Estés

About 1
Elizabeth Jackson, The Projects Angel
  • I hail from a green and rainy hamlet nestled in the Pennine hills (UK) and am a true northern gal’ (down to earth, straight talking + cheeky).
  • After uni, I negotiated ginormous contracts on a minuscule paradisaical island off the coast of Africa for Europe’s leading tour operator. And hated it!
  • There I met my Swarthy Spaniard (my then neighbor) and we moved to his home town in mainland Spain.
  • With my newly acquired language skills (I’m bilingual), I got a post-grad in Spanish translation and became a university lecturer, and a mum.
  • While freelancing as a translator, I turned my fascination for all things spiritual and online geekery into Projects Angel.
  • I was on online strategist and VA for spiritual entrepreneurs for 5 years before realizing that , “the only thing spiritual entrepreneurs need is entrepreneurial spirit” and that a lot of what people sell online is a load of smoke and mirrors.
  • At that point, taking my own good advice on how lightworkers can shine anywhere, I went happily back to my fulfilling day job(s) as a translator – marketer – teacher of English to Spanish kiddies.
  • I now take on Strategy and VA work since I LOVE BEING THE PROJECTS ANGEL, but I won’t do work that I don’t think is beneficial for my clients. Like seriously, I won’t lift a finger if the energy isn’t right.
  • I’m in the CEST timezone, in Zaragoza, Spain, living with said swarthy Spaniard and one Angelic daughter.
  • We spend our weekends in a 200-year old hand-carved cave dwelling in a tiny Spanish village, not far from The Camino.



  • I work to save my clients money rather than keep them on a long-term basis, by using self-organizing strategies and finding free, low-cost and affordable solutions.
  • I know the spiritual entrepreneur niche inside-out and all the different business models and lead-generation techniques.
  • I can help you strategize and come up with ideas that play to your strengths and will help you put them into action.
  • My method is to create businesses that are simple, easy to run (with self-organizing systems) and grow with you (and never involve you getting into debt).
  • I talk your language: energy.
  • I’m not sitting around waiting for clients. I won’t sell you the latest gimmick just to get some commission. I won’t even do work that I think is unnecessary. 
  •  Heck! I’m a busy working mum with a day job that fulfills me. I’m not here to waste your money or my time.
  •  If you want my help and we’re a good match, I’ll help you. But I’m not sitting around behind a computer working out ways to relieve you of your hard-earned money. I won’t sell you smoke and mirrors. 
  • My mission is to help you create (or recreate) a simple, affordable, grounded business that doesn’t drain you energetically or financially.